Meet Kevin

About Kevin

 Elizabeth has given Kevin his name to honor one of the donors to the “Skeleton Project.”

Kevin is also associated with the
“mythical creature” named "Kevin" in the Pixar movie "Up"because, for 25 years, Elizabeth has wanted to own a human skeleton model for her office. For 25 years the skeleton has been ”a mythical creature”.

The gaelic name "Kevin" is believed to be derived from the Irish cóem "kind, honest, and handsome" and gein "birth".

"Kevin" is also translated as "Gentle birth" and "Beautiful at birth." 

 A Functional Human Skeleton Model, Kevin is flexible, posable and excellent for demonstrating realistic movement.

Developed with the assistance of John Chester M.D., this scientifically accurate, functional skeleton model features a uniquely flexible assembly of all joints, allowing the performance of individual movements in a nearly lifelike way. Complex motions of the upper extremity can be demonstrated: the shoulder blades rotate along when the arms are raised; the position of the radial and ulnar bones during inward and outward rotation of the lower arm can be graphically demonstrated; and the human skeleton's flexible spine allows for natural movement (lateral inclination, flexion and extension, rotation). Even the restricted mobility of the iliosacral joint and the sacrococcygeal joint can be demonstrated. 

 Now in residence, Kevin will enrich each individual's understanding of human movement. 

 In Elizabeth's classes, Kevin is certain to provide examples of "DO LESS". Also he'll probably always be quickest to identify that top rib, just beneath the collar bone.