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These classes (Bones for Life) have greatly amplified my sense of how I move through the world and what it means to inhabit a body in three dimensions.  I feel like I've become more aware of habits and patterns of motion that accrued over a lifetime, and found more fluid and intuitive ways to walk and sit that have improved my quality of life a great deal. I have a lot less tension in my muscles and my overall pain level is greatly reduced. My lower back especially feels better than it has in many years. 

Steve Metz


I have been attending Bones For Life classes with Elizabeth for a couple of years now. I also have been in group sessions for Feldenkrais classes and private sessions.

When I started taking the Bones For Life classes I had no idea just what it was all about but it sounded interesting.

I've always been interested in health and self improvement options for my body. I was amazed at the knowledge I gained in these great classes. In every class I gain a better sense of my body and how to help it move in a more organic way to help keep my bones stay strong as I age. I believe these classes give me the knowledge I need to keep and improve my bone strength, stability and mobility to live my life to my fullest potential.

I believe God puts special people in our lives to help us reach our true potential and different circumstances in our life's journey.

Elizabeth is a very knowledgeable practitioner and teaches with her heart in each and every class. She has been given the gift of touch and gives each member in her classes positive instruction and feedback when they are in need. She adds a lot of interest during class with her great personality and wonderful stories and jokes. I must admit to dozing off to sleep a couple of times just relaxing to the sound of her voice and then awaken and join back in to catch up with the process, oops......just a minute or so not very long and I think I may not be the only one guilty of this.

I'm positive my movement and structure has improved since attending these classes on a regular basis. I cannot imagine not attending these body improving classes! Every time a session comes to an end my body feels aligned and strong, I am more aware of how I position myself in everyday activities. I've seen and witnessed big and small positive changes in fellow class members in each and every class I've taken. Seeing these positive changes in others gives me the hope for all of us to improve our well being and structure no matter what our age and challenges might be.

Grace Joanne Meyer








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Today I pulled up for my weekly Thursday Bones for Life Class that I've been attending the past three years and thought about how grateful I am to have this practice, and my teacher, Elizabeth Keith, in my life.

When I came to this class I was struggling with pain off and on in multiple areas, especially in my knees since I was a teen. I had been teaching yoga already for about nine years, and learning and teaching my yoga students a lot of great alignment principles. Even with that, I still struggled with poor posture (seeing a chiropractor here and there for "forward head posture" and neck pain/headaches a few times a month), and a pronounced pigeon-toed gait that gave me pain in my feet, ankles, hips and especially knees. You could recognize me coming a mile away just from the way I walked!

After a few months of coming to BFL on Thursdays, I started to realize that I always looked forward to Thursdays, and it became my favorite day of the week! I always felt better in my body and even more relaxed, calm and confident! Today I rarely if ever have knee pain, my posture has improved dramatically (people commented last summer at my 20 year high school reunion!) and my gait has changed the most. I now love walking and do so for at least an hour a day with no pain, and I don’t even remember the last time I took over the counter pain medication for knee pain! I haven't gone to see my chiropractor for at least 3 months.

Yoga taught me a lot about being mindful, feeling my body and alignment principles for yoga poses.. but Elizabeth was the first person who taught me how to move functionally, for day to day movements, activities, and especially walking. We learn self-help strategies to avoid injury and also help with pain when it does arise. 

I love BFL so much that I have decided I would like to teach others and have begun training with Elizabeth. The principles of this system have colored all my movements and even my philosophy on life.. I now have hope and optimism about my body and greater confidence! Thanks to Elizabeth and BFL.

Angie Cox








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