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I was initially treated by Elizabeth in the mid 1980’s but subsequently moved.  Now that I once again live in the Phoenix area, I sought out Elizabeth about 2 years ago.  Over that period I have tried to routinely attend group classes and have had numerous individual appointments with her.  Elizabeth is extremely intuitive and has amazing insights into body movement.  She is also well connected with practitioners of other therapeutic modalities.

I have been fortunate to experience two general benefits resulting from Elizabeth’s classes.  The first is the immediate therapeutic benefit that occurs from the integrative movements that Elizabeth leads the class through in her comfortable, personable style.  By the end of each class I always have a demonstrable positive change in performance of the movements that were being taught as well as a general feeling that my body is more aligned and integrated.

The second primary benefit of the classes is the knowledge and awareness gained that can be used proactively on a daily basis to more effectively perform body movements such as walking, standing, reaching, etc.  I have gained significantly more awareness and thoughtfulness when both anticipating performance of a specific movement and while actually performing the movement.  For me personally, learning to integrate movements involved in walking has had a significant impact on my body alignment and mechanics resulting in more comfortable, relaxed walking.  For particular movements that I want to address or reinforce I frequently will duplicate the movements that I previously learned in classes.

Ronald Christensen, M.D.


I have been a Bones for Life® student of Elizabeth's for 3 years and I have had excellent results from the program.  Elizabeth is an outstanding teacher who is able to give excellent feedback and instruction because of her years of experience in Feldenkrais® and Bones.

In addition, the Bones material is excellent.  I have better posture, my back used to bother me, now rarely does, and overall, I feel much healthier.  It is amazing to me how subtle shifts in movement and brain patterns can have such a profound effect on movement and health.
I heartily recommend Elizabeth and the Bones for Life® course to anyone. It is outstanding.

Shaun Simpson




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I am pleased to recommend Elizabeth Keith as a Feldenkrais ®practitioner. Her work has helped heal my very complicated traumatized body and helped me walk and move again with ever increasing success.

Her knowledge base and broad training has persistently encouraged me to practice what she teaches with excellent results. Each new lesson and individual session moves me forward in a positive direction. I am forever grateful for Elizabeth's presence and skill in my life. Thank you, Elizabeth.

Cynthia Byers 


Participating in the group classes for both Tai Chi and Bones for Life have given me increased confidence in my movement patterns during my day-to-day activities.

I have always felt somewhat insecure performing a variety of movement activities, but with Elizabeth’s expert instruction, encouragement and enthusiasm, along with the camaraderie of my fellow students, I now feel I have achieved a level of confidence allowing me to be more stable and secure in these activities.

The tangible benefits I have achieved over the past seven years of classes are innumerable, but definitely include an improvement in my balance, coordination and posture.  I have also gained a much greater appreciation for the importance of mindful movement techniques.  While I may not always demonstrate these techniques, I have become much more aware of my body and my movement patterns, and I try to make necessary adjustments. 

This awareness benefits me every day, not only in my physical well-being, but also my overall quality of life. 

Cathy Downs


I had a serious knee problem a few years ago.  It was painful, but more importantly, it stopped me from walking/hiking/running.  I need to be outdoors every day, it's part of my life.

Elizabeth showed me the Knee Relief Process from the Bones for Life® Program.  It helped immediately and rapidly made it possible for me to get back outside and hike.  

I now do this simple process using the Bones for Life® wrap twice a day - during my morning exercises and again in the evening.  It is simple, easy and I can feel my knees getting stronger.

Thank you, Elizabeth.    
Karen Hileski