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Paradise Valley Professional Campus
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Elizabeth Keith is an
Awareness Through Movement® Practitioner

There are ongoing Awareness Through Movement® classes:
• Mondays at 6:00PM
• Wednesdays at 4:00PM

Space is limited.  Please contact Elizabeth to register.

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Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement®

Individual and Small Group Classes

At the office:
16620 North 40th Street • Suite D-5
Phoenix, Arizona • 85032

Space is limited: To reserve your space,
Please contact Elizabeth Keith at
602-885-8006 or



Elizabeth can help you assess your current habits of movement for walking, lying on the floor, standing and sitting in a chair.

Based upon this assessment, she will guide you to:

• improved awareness, flexibility, and coordination;
• a sense of release and relaxation;
• new, positive habitual patterns.

The focus of the lessons is on the relationship between movement and thought. Guided lessons provide individuals with the means to take charge of their own, continued improvement.